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Ad life

Amy: “They’re not JUST ads, Mummy! They’re lovely stories about things we can actually buy!” Somewhere, a Creative Director’s brain just exploded with happiness and they started working on their Cannes acceptance speech and clearing shelf space for gold pencil awards. Visions of promotions and future shoots in tropical locations danced in their head. (Meanwhile, a client sent off an email to their account manager, asking if a series of focus groups could be arranged immediately to ascertain whether by “story” she was indicating the ads promote the product as being “false” or “untrustworthy”, and would focus groups be covered by the agency retainer?)

Agency Life Vs. Motherhood

Before I had my two girls, I spent over ten years working for advertising agencies. I wanted to work in the industry after hearing stories about agencies in the hey-day 80’s. Expecting it to be all long lunches, colourful characters, and big-budget ads where I’d get to fly to exotic locations, I was somewhat disappointed by the reality of post-80’s agency life, but I did meet some amazing people, do some interesting work, suffered some rip-snorting hangovers, and made some of the best friends I’ve ever had. I worked in account service, which meant I spent my time trying to please the clients, the creative department, the studio team and the accountants. Generally you can only please one to three parties on that list during any given project. Every now and then the heavens smile and you please everyone. Other times they all want to put a hex on you. Sometimes motherhood is really, really different to working in an ad agency. Other times it’s achingly similar. (FYI if you’re one of my past clients …