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Our cat has been sleeping on Amy’s new Frozen bed cover, leaving Elsa looking as if she’s experiencing a rather unfortunate hormonal facial hair problem. Maybe I’m feeling bitchy about committing to an alcohol free day, or maybe I just really resent knowing Amy would trade her entire family to live with Elsa in Arendelle, but either way, I’m experiencing a not-insignificant level of schadenfreude. #LetItGrow #ForTheFursTimeInForever #ABitOfWaxOnYourLipperUpper

Anna Milk

Amy keeps calling almond milk “Anna’s Milk” (because Frozen is a virus we will never, ever be able to eradicate from our lives). It’s sort of two parts cute, and one part really putting me off my morning smoothie.


There are some questions that you’ll never be quite prepared for, no matter how many parenting websites or Frozen FAQs you’ve read. Questions such as: “Mummy, does Queen Elsa have a cold bagina?”


You know you’re a gigantic sap when you go on your first EVER child-free holiday, see this on the in-flight viewing list and almost watch it to feel somehow connected to your kids. Almost.