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School visit shenanigans

Prior to her school visits, I’m pretty sure Amy pulled Tilly aside and whispered, “Hey Tills, be a pal and act like a total shit-stick so that I will¬†look angelic by comparison”. Because during 3 x vists to Amy’s 2016 school (if they’ll still take her), Tilly has: Trashed the classroom nativity scene Run off with the teacher’s permanent marker Yelled “It’s POOS!” when the teacher held up a picture of potatoes and asked the class what it was Performed an expressive¬†dance in the middle of the orderly circle the children had formed during mat time Smashed a glass Up-ended jigsaw puzzles Inexplicably started chanting “All Blacks! All Blacks! All Blacks!” while running around the classroom as the other children studiously made Christmas cards Pulled apart a wooden rainbow Taken a bite out of a glue stick at the craft table. Meanwhile, Amy has been folding her arms, sitting nicely, singing along to class songs, and shooting warning looks at her delinquent little sister.