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The wedding is OFF

Amy told me in the car this morning that she never wants to get married. I launched into a lengthy monologue about how we’re fortunate to live in a country where marriage is a choice, so she absolutely never has to get married unless she really wants to. Equality was discussed. Freedom to parent outside the realms of traditional marriage was also covered, as was the freedom to decide never to be a parent. There was a long pause while she took it all in. I took a moment during¬†that pause to marvel at this little girl who so clearly knows her own mind, and to be grateful for the society we live in. I wondered what political or economic topics we should cover on the drive home. I may have teared up a little. Then: “Yeah, I don’t want to get married because I never want to get my ears pierced. Oh wait, is it earrings you do when you get married, or is it rings on your finger? If it’s rings on your …

Brunch with a side of blush

Brunch with a side of blush today: Amy loudly announced “Daddy is going to marry another girlfriend and move overseas”. There were curious looks from other cafe patrons when Jeremy emerged from the loos, completely unaware of the fictitious scandal his four year old had aired. I’m really excited to find out what tales she makes up at school this week.

Preserving To Prove A Point

Preface: Jeremy is the most supportive husband ever, and encourages me like no one else. BUT last weekend as I was chuntering on about how I could make marmalade from the grapefruit we were picking, he rolled his eyes and said I never would. So incensed was I by his dismissive attitude toward my cottage-crafty skills, I muttered “I will make some motherf*cking marmalade if it’s the last thing I do“. The fact that his doubting was probably grounded in years of throwing out rotting bags of food that “I meant to do something with” was glossed over as I indulged in a brief fantasy about nailing an artisan marmalade recipe that would make us millions. So today (and yesterday, because I’ve discovered marmalading is a two-day process) I Preserved To Prove A Point. ¬†#ActuallyOnlyNeededFourGrapefruits #InYourFaceAndOnYourToast P.S. Today I went for a 17km run then came home and marmaladed. WHO AM I ANYMORE?