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Well, are they?

Amy’s school drop-in day. A chance to look around the classroom. A chance to meet the other kids. A chance to get excited about the year ahead. And, a chance to ask any burning questions, such as my daughter’s queries as to “if we go swimming can we do bombs in the pool” and my personal favourite, “are farts allowed at this school?”


Me: “Stop touching your eyeball” x 157 Amy: “Why?” Me: “It’s gross” Amy: “I don’t think it’s gross” Me: “Stoptouchingyoureyeball!” Amy: “Why?!” Me: “Well…you might get an infection in your eye and not be able to see” Amy: “You mean I’d be blind? COOL! Then we could get a guide dog!” *prods eye* This is PRECISELY why “because I said so” should be a valid response to any and all three year old Why Questions.