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Soup of the day

Mid-shower this morning, an officious-looking Amy appears at the glass door. “Mummy, I need a spoon” “Uh, Amy, I’m in the shower” *blank stare and blink* “You can get yourself a spoon” “I can’t, mummy, I’m frightened of the lawnmower.” “Amy, there’s no lawnmower, you’ll be fine.” “Mummy, you HAVE to get it, cos….I’m frightened of a dog.” “Amy, there’s no dog here. Why do you want a spoon, anyway?” “I made a bowl of bum-bum soup and need to feed it to Tilly.” *me leaping from the shower to inspect contents of proffered bowl, whilst imagining the worst possible scenario for the “soup” ingredients, and fearing some sort of new low in sibling-jealousy-defense tactics. Palpable relief upon realising the soup was imaginary.* “Good. You finished your shower, so can you get me a spoon?”