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Playhouse excitement

Sometimes I get really excited about stuff to get or do with the girls, and it backfires on me. Like the time we excitedly took them on a geothermal walk and they whinged for 85% of it and screamed that the steam was stinging their eyes (it wasn’t. My girls just love to sprinkle every day with a bit of drama). So after months of planning for a playhouse to be built and delivered as a big surpriseĀ for the girls, I had a little moment of doubt and wondered if a beautiful weather-board mini-house was more about my childhood dreams than theirs. Then Tilly did THIS face/fist pump combo when she saw it and I knew it was a dream come true for them, too. We couldn’t be more thrilled about the house (painted to match our house, which absolutely is more about the parents than the children, #sorrynotsorry) made by Uncle Greg’s Playhouses in Tauranga. Let the tea parties commence!