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About Me

I’m Casey McPike, New Zealand mum to two little girls, who give me a run for my money every minute of every day (and most nights). I knew everything there was to know about kids until I had my own.  My co-pilot Jeremy, and cross-eyed, toothless cat Frankie are along for the ride as well.

Besides the parenting gig, I also keep myself busy as the Marketing Communications Manager for Citta Design (where I have to try VERY hard not to spend all my money on beautiful things), and freelance writing. Sometimes I dabble with the idea of running a marathon, but binge-watching Netflix gets in the way a bit.

Follow me  http://www.facebook.com/mcpikelets on Twitter and Instagram @mcpikelets

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Some days I dream of greatness. Other days I just want to make it to bedtime without getting anything gross on me. Follow me over on Facebook.com/mcpikelets

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