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Lovingly making a selection of hors d’oeuvres that strike a gentle balance between tasty and nutritious. I will share these pretty plates of deliciousness with girlfriends at a friend’s house tonight while we gorge on reality TV. In my absence, my family will dine on a hastily-bought frozen lasagna. #Priorities

Mini Chef

Amy said she wanted to be in charge of dinner for her and Tilly, and had a great recipe she could talk me through. Amy: “So Mummy. First open a tin of cheesy raviolis. Then open a tin of macaroni and meatballs. Are you listening? Cos this is the tricky bit. Mix them TOGETHER IN A POT and heat them up. And then make a monkey cage out of cheese to put on top so it looks nice.” Me: “What about something green?” Amy: “Some frozen peas on the side. Don’t cook them, just put them in ramekins.” Now, do I file this meal under “dinners to make when I’ve no f*cks left to give” (which I draw inspiration from at least once a week), or under “dinners my kids will eat without crying”?

Preserving To Prove A Point

Preface: Jeremy is the most supportive husband ever, and encourages me like no one else. BUT last weekend as I was chuntering on about how I could make marmalade from the grapefruit we were picking, he rolled his eyes and said I never would. So incensed was I by his dismissive attitude toward my cottage-crafty skills, I muttered “I will make some motherf*cking marmalade if it’s the last thing I do“. The fact that his doubting was probably grounded in years of throwing out rotting bags of food that “I meant to do something with” was glossed over as I indulged in a brief fantasy about nailing an artisan marmalade recipe that would make us millions. So today (and yesterday, because I’ve discovered marmalading is a two-day process) I Preserved To Prove A Point.  #ActuallyOnlyNeededFourGrapefruits #InYourFaceAndOnYourToast P.S. Today I went for a 17km run then came home and marmaladed. WHO AM I ANYMORE?