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¡Feliz cumpleaños

Ushered Tilly to the ‘Dad’ selection of birthday cards, but she insisted her dad would want this one because “he loves Dora and sparkles cos I love Dora and sparkles”. Two year olds: proving that they’re in charge, even on not-their-birthday. (I just added an extra 4 on the card and it totally worked for a 44 year old man)

Dora’s Dad

Long car trip home. The girls pleaded and pleaded we “put on some music by Dora The Explorer!” We don’t have any music by Dora The Explorer. And even if we did, I don’t think playing it would be good for the long term stability of our family.  So we put on The Gipsy Kings and told them it’s music by Dora’s Dad.

Lost in translation

Amy, mid-way through an account of something that may or may not have happened: “…and then I said, ‘I hate you!’” Me: Generic extended rant about never saying that to anyone / hurt feelings / how would you like it / hate is a very strong word / blah blah boring parent speech etc etc etc. Amy: *dramatic side-eyes action* “Mummmmmmm, ‘I hate you’ is actually Spanish for ‘I’m a bit busy playing right now, can I just play with you later? I love you, bye’, so THAT’S what I really meant.” Yeahh, I missed the episode of Dora where she and Boots were being complete tools to Benny the Bull, but then it actually just transpired to be a language misunderstanding. ‪#‎notbuyingit‬