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Lost in translation

Amy, mid-way through an account of something that may or may not have happened: “…and then I said, ‘I hate you!’”
Me: Generic extended rant about never saying that to anyone / hurt feelings / how would you like it / hate is a very strong word / blah blah boring parent speech etc etc etc.
Amy: *dramatic side-eyes action* “Mummmmmmm, ‘I hate you’ is actually Spanish for ‘I’m a bit busy playing right now, can I just play with you later? I love you, bye’, so THAT’S what I really meant.”
Yeahh, I missed the episode of Dora where she and Boots were being complete tools to Benny the Bull, but then it actually just transpired to be a language misunderstanding. ‪#‎notbuyingit‬

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