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Shape Shifters – Exercise after Having a Baby

I had a chat with the exceptionally clever and lovely Stacey Law, physiotherapist from Leto Women’s Health in Auckland, to write this article for Little Treasures Magazine. Stacey helped put me and my diastasis recti (I won’t lie, I always have to google the spelling of that one) back together after my second pregnancy, and is a go-to guru for post-natal bodies. She’s a big fan of being kind to yourself and grits her teeth when she reads headlines about celebs ‘getting their body back after baby’, and I love her for it! You can read the article in this pdf here: Shape shifters Or jpgs below.


I’ve never been a big fan of running. My husband (Jeremy) and I used to openly scoff at Healthy Couples who went running together on weekends, while we gorged ourselves on Eggs Benedict and masses of inactivity. There was a brief reprise from my running aversion in the lead up to our wedding, when, fresh from getting engaged during a trip to Europe that involved pretty much non-stop eating, I chose an exceptionally unforgiving wedding dress and had to take drastic action to fit it. Apart from short-lived bursts of resolutions where I’d set up a monthly donation to over-priced gyms, and a stint of healthy eating and fast walking with the buggy after Amy (now three) was born to prepare for a trip where swimwear would be a major wardrobe feature, there was never any real interest in fitness. I mean, Rachel Smalley wouldn’t have pointed at me and shouted “lardo!”, but I was just never particularly fit. Jeremy started running as part of a lifestyle change following a diagnosis of “how are you …

Skinny jeans are a mere good night’s sleep away

Suggested posts containing helpful tips about post-baby weight loss keep popping up in my newsfeed. Yes, yes, yes, Facebook universe, I get the point that I need to exercise and stop eating family-sized blocks of chocolate (unless I want to remain family-sized myself). My favourite weight-loss top-tip for new mothers is the one that says “get a good sleep every night,” Righto. Sorry, Tilly, but Mummy can’t get up and feed you tonight…she needs a full eight hours so she can fit her skinny jeans in the morning (the ones she bought after a nasty bout of food-poisoning, that, while violently horrifying at the time, was good for a few kilos).