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Sanctimonious snack

I just gave my two year old a snack of homemade Greek yogurt, raw nuts, homemade stewed peaches (that we hand picked together as a family. Organic, obviously), chia seeds and cacao nibs. But now I don’t know whether to upload a photo to Instagram, or smack myself in the face really hard. I’m conflicted. It’s a very conflicting moment.

Pink food

Yesterday we took the girls to a Malaysian restaurant, because I thought it was high time I lived up to my pre-child stipulation that “my children will enjoy a wide variety of ethnic foods”. But I fed them up on cheese sandwiches a bit first, because I doubt the experimental abilities of their palates, and also because I often want to punch my pre-child smug self right in the teeth.  Amy warily eyed her roti, but two bites in was trilling “it’s like an amazing flat croissant! Can I have another one after this one and another one after that?” as she settled in for her carb load-up.  “TOO PICEY! TOO PICEY!” shrieked Tilly, grappling for a water glass, after dipping her roti in the spicy chilli oil when no one was watching.  Pink food. Doesn’t always taste as pretty as it looks. 🔥🔥🔥