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I’ll leave that one uncorrected for now

I know I’m supposed to correct pronunciation and mis-hears, but sometimes getting it wrong works in my favor. My top-40 music junkies have been meaningfully belting out “snuck out a little wee on the couch in the bathroom”, and asking questions about why someone would have a couch in their bathroom, and why someone else would wee on a couch in the bathroom when the toilet must be, like, RIGHT THERE. I’ll leave explaining that the actual lyric is “smoke a little weed on the couch in the back room” for another day.

Dora’s Dad

Long car trip home. The girls pleaded and pleaded we “put on some music by Dora The Explorer!” We don’t have any music by Dora The Explorer. And even if we did, I don’t think playing it would be good for the long term stability of our family.  So we put on The Gipsy Kings and told them it’s music by Dora’s Dad.

Team Ball Player Thing

What happens when you need to raise money for Cure Kids to help find a cure for Batten Disease AND create a rousing supporters’ song for the All Blacks? You get a whole bunch of talented New Zealand musicians, actors, producers, directors, comedians, camera people and rugby players together in NZ’s top recording studio, ask them to put together a track based on the opinions of a few kids…and then magic happens. There are a few edits out there, but I think this one by Flight of the Conchords is my favorite version of Cure Kids “Team Ball Player Thing” Check it out. Revel in the comedic musical genius, download the track from iTunes and be sure to donate at For my friends in the US: rugby is sort of like American Football, only much cooler because the players are better looking, they don’t wear any protective gear and there isn’t quite so much standing about. #KiwisCureBatten #CureKids