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Talking ‘Bad Parenting’ on Breakfast TV

Loved talking ‘Bad Parenting’ with Hayley and Jack on Breakfast. You can see the interview by clicking right here   And this is the post that sparked the conversation: Confessions from the ‘bad parent’ corner… It’s not raining so technically we could all be outside having adventures, but instead this morning my kids have watched way too much Netflix. They’re not even watching something educational that I can then trill “ok children, let’s all make our own volcano from baking soda and food colouring now like they did on that highly stimulating science show you just watched!” and feel all pious about it… they’re watching one of those series about animated moody teenagers in lots of makeup bitching at each other. But this morning the allure of a Sunday cup of tea in bed in bed was just too strong. I was thinking about a busy week ahead, had some stuff to sort out in my head, and I knew that if I tried to think about that while up with the kids I would have …

Ad life

Amy: “They’re not JUST ads, Mummy! They’re lovely stories about things we can actually buy!” Somewhere, a Creative Director’s brain just exploded with happiness and they started working on their Cannes acceptance speech and clearing shelf space for gold pencil awards. Visions of promotions and future shoots in tropical locations danced in their head. (Meanwhile, a client sent off an email to their account manager, asking if a series of focus groups could be arranged immediately to ascertain whether by “story” she was indicating the ads promote the product as being “false” or “untrustworthy”, and would focus groups be covered by the agency retainer?)