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But is it ART?

Heard a little voice saying “sowee, sowee, didn’t mean to!” and found Tilly pointing the remote control at the wall frantically pushing buttons, trying to erase all evidence of her wall art.


Reason why girlfriends are awesome no. 6,784: I sent the photo to a message group I have with a few girlfriends and suggestions were bandied about, including installing a frame around it, covering it with the tv, or starting a small fire in that corner. My favorite feedback was from my mum-of-four friend (who has had her walls drawn on more times than your average hipster has ordered an organic almond milk fair-trade macchiato), who said “The fact that she’s doing circles at her age is very impressive. It’s pre-schematic. Such a smarty pants.”

I don’t know what pre-schematic means, but it sounds more “University Scholarship” than “Juvenile Detention”, so let’s go with that.

Either way, I’m recovering from my wall-scrubbing efforts with a  giant bowl of carbs and a side of saturated fat while Tilly watches Peppa Pig. Because nothing says “you’re a very naughty girl” like being plonked in front of your favorite show with a snack and a blanket.


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