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The most awesome solution

You know that guy who was in your friend group when you were a teenager who was always so much smarter than everyone else? The one you always knew would go far? We had one of those. He was crazy smart,  as well as alarmingly good at sports and doing practical stuff. He would have been really annoying if he wasn’t so damn nice with it.

This weekend I was panicking about electrocution from fairy lights,  repeating “stop touching the Christmas tree. Stop touching the Christmas tree. Stop touching the Christmas tree” and googling “how bad is it if your kid eats tinsel”.  I paused to have a soothing social media fix, and saw that my friend had also experienced a similar toddler-related conundrum, but had Mathsed and Scienced his way though it.

So while I’m still shrieking at my children and standing on ornaments that are strewn all over the carpet (because “stop touching the Christmas tree” is an open challenge to a two year old), my friend is probably sitting around with his super lovely, super chill wife, and having a good time solving complex equations with his kids.

I may one day have a cool idea, but it’ll never be as next-level-awesome as Dave’s Ceiling Mounted Christmas Tree.


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