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It takes a village to dress a working mother

Usually I get little girl side-eye, or murmurs of “that’s lots of black” about my workdrobe, but yesterday I finally sussed an outfit that my kids are happy with: See it here on my Facebook page. It totally takes a village to dress a working mother though…the leather jacket is a hand-me-down from my bestie in Melbourne, the skirt was a purchase from #Federation ‘strongly encouraged’ by one of my closest friends who rocks the same adult tutu in another colour, the inspo to try something different outside of my usual cloak of darkness came from my WorkWife who smashes out new looks more often than I change the bath towels (and she took the boomerang video – #workwife is taking over #InstagramHusband ), and bonus confidence shot from my little girls who said “Ooooo, Mummy that looks pretty!”.

Can I take a moment to talk about bodysuits though? Of course I can, this is my page. So I wore a bodysuit, which I haven’t done since 1992 when all I wanted from life was a bodysuit and a pair of 501s. I loved the whole tucked-in-top-without-having-to-constantly-tuck-it-in scenario, but because I also had on tights and knickers it meant there was a lot of coverage in the crotchal area. Questions were flying through my head that I never imagined asking myself: do I do the bodysuit up over tights, or under? Do I look like a demented gymnast? What happens if I sit awkwardly on one of the domes? The bodysuit and I survived the day, but it definitely added a significant time delay to all bathroom trips, which turned out to be a common theme for the day as WorkWife was wearing a jumpsuit with a blazer over the top and a blazer tied around her waist for a colour splash.
Has anyone got any good/bad/ugly bodysuit experiences?

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