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Amy: “MUM! I’ve got hiccups.” Me: *in jolly tones* “Hiccups? Hiccups are funny things, aren’t they?” Amy *patiently yet patronising* “Ahhhh, no, you’re thinking of farts. Farts are funny, Mummy, not hiccups. Farts are funny; hiccups are just annoying.” Sorry. My mistake.


“MUM! I nearly finished my vitamin, but it fell out of my mouth somewhere in the lounge, or your room, or my room and I can’t find it! YOU HAVE TO FIND IT!” “Ummm, can I get you a new vitamin? Here we go.” “No! It has to be the one I was eating or it will be the saddest day EVER.” Anyone want to come help me comb through vitamin-coloured shag pile? #AverageParentProblems

The Sulks

Amy: “Mum, where are the sulks?” Me: “The whats? What are sulks?” Amy: “I don’t know. But Dad said I can have one.” Me: “What exactly did Dad say?” Amy: “He said, ‘if you’re going to behave like that then you can go and have a sulk in your bedroom.’ So, can I have one please?” More cause for having a sulk when it sunk in that it’s not some sort of new sugar-laden treat.


If you’re going to get all exasperated and say to your three year old: “stop wiping your sticky hands on the table, Amy! You need to use your head more, please!” then you better be prepared for that advice to be taken really, really literally.


Scottish stubbornness + Italian martyrdom genes = Amy sat with stoicism and powered through the two dry WeetBix she’d chosen for breakfast, refusing to concede she’d made a bad call and should really accept the milk on offer.